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Episcopal High School Great Oak

Jacksonville, Florida

The remarkable Great Oak of Jacksonville's Episcopal High School is a lasting memory for students and parents since the school's founding in 1966. It was the school's center piece symbolizing so much of what the school represented.The Episcopal community dedicated the Dale D. Regan Plaza at the... View More

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Evangeline Oak

St. Martinsville, Louisiana

One of the South's most famous if not most photographed trees — The Evangeline Oak  — is the subject of a Stephen Malkoff's long remembered work of art.As the story goes, it was under this huge oak that the Acadian maiden Evangeline came to rejoin her long lost love, only to learn he ... View More

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Fairchild Oak

Ormond Beach, Florida

The Fairchild Oak is a mighty oak by virtue of being one of the largest live oak trees in the South. The tree has stood for centuries as a silent witness to the clearing of the wilderness for plantations.In 1836 this tree escaped the destruction of the settlements on Bulow Creek by ra... View More

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Family Tree

Morgan County, Georgia

Every tree at the end of a pencil point in the talented hand of artist Stephen Malkoff is special. Many of his artistic renderings come from the recommendations and requests of scores of collectors and admirers of Malkoff trees. However, the aged giant willow oak at Rocky Creek Nursery is ... View More

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Friendship Oak

Albany, Georgia

The 250-year old Friendship Oak was considered an historic Georgia tree. All that is left of it are memories, old photos and this Stephen Malkoff artist proof.The 50-foot oak tree fell in 1997 after a judge refused to step in and thus a five-year preservation campaign ended. Admirers of the cra... View More

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General Sherman Redwood

Sequoia Natational Park, California

The largest non-clonal tree in the world is considered to be the sequoia known as the General Sherman in California's Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park. Some scientists consider this giant sequoia (sequoiadendron giganteum) to be the "largest" living organism.This extraordinary 275-foo... View More

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