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George Washington Tulip Poplar

Mount Vernon, Virgina

Mount Vernon's Tulip Poplar is one of the most significant trees planted by President and General George Washington. The Tulip Poplar is the second print in Stephen Malkoff's for the National Register of Historic Trees series. Mount Vernon's garden has received a great deal of interna... View More

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Great Maui Banyan

Maui, Hawaii

A forest of one tree. Planted in 1873, this extraordinary fichus covers nearly an acre in center of a small island town. The tree has been not only the center of history but an observerto Maui's transformation it as well. Though photographed many times by professionals and tourists, few have ca... View More

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Heritage Oak

World Golf Village, Florida

By oak longevity standards, the 250 year Heritage Oak is an adolescent. Yet, it is one of Stephen Malkoff's most impressive works.In addition there is something included in the drawing that has never been included before in a Malkoff historic tree drawing. Look closely and you may find it.... View More

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John F. Kennedy Oak

Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia

In 2000 Stephen Malkoff began his studies in preparation for drawing the John F. Kennedy Post Oak at Arlington National Cemetery. The date coincided with the date in 1963 when President Kennedy was laid to rest.The John F. Kennedy Post Oak is the first in a series of limited edition prints... View More

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Lichgate Oak

Tallahassee, Florida

Like many of the historic tree subjects of Stephen Malkoff, the Lichgate Oak — a strikingly elegant live oak — is a  member of the prestigious Live Oak Society. The Lichgate Oak is situated on High Road near the Old Town of the Indians. Its graceful bows spread over the estate of Laura Jep... View More

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Majestic Oak

Savannah, Georgia

The Majestic Oak with its 28 foot girth is probably the largest and one of the oldest trees in Savannah. It is believed to be more than 300 to 500 years old and a witness to the Great Savannah Races of 1910 and 1911 when it hosted the Mercer Auto Camp. The Majestic Oak's nei... View More

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