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Middleton Oak

Charleston, South Carolina

One of the earliest landscaped gardens in the American colonies was designed in 1740 at Middleton Place, a large plantation northwest of Charleston, South Carolina. The tree began growing on the Ashley River's banks centuries a year later when Henry Middleton — who would become president o... View More

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Old Senator

St. Augsutine, Florida

When Stephen Malkoff took his artists pencil in hand he knew he was about to capture both a magnificent live oak and one of the most remarkable trees in North America. Reputed to be well over 600 years old, The Old Senator was there during the that dramatic moment in 1513 wh... View More

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Ole Geneva Oak (GICLEÉ)

Alabama, Geneva

Located in southeastern Alabama, Geneva County is home to Constitution Oak — more often called Ole Geneva Oak — believed to the largest and one of the oldest oak trees in the state. The town of Geneva is settled at the junction of the Choctawhatchee River and Pea River. Not far away is this imp... View More

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Longwood, Florida

This 3,500 year bald cypress may appear to be a sleepy old grandfather in a swampy area near Orlando but in reality he is at the center of heated competition with Louisiana's Old Cat bald cypress from the Cat Island Swamp. The Senator Cypress is 118 feet tall and the younger — only 1,500 years ... View More

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Seven Sisters

Mandeville, Louisiana

One of the most requested trees by Stephen Malkoff collectors is the Seven Sisters Oak in Mandeville, Louisiana. This extraordinary 1,000 year old single oak with seven trunks is the "President" of the Live Oak Society.Stately and renowned, Seven Sisters is an imposing tree with a girth of... View More

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Sidney Lanier Oak

Brunswick, Georgia

His fascination with the writings of Byron, Tennyson, and Scott, combined with a love of nature acquired while growing up in rural Georgia, led Sidney Lanier to a career as a famous American poet and novelist. For decades school children in the South would recite the verses of the Marshes Glynn... View More

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