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Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

University of Florida

Stephen Malkoff's signed and numbered limited edition print of the intimidating Ben Hill Griffin Stadium — better known as The Swamp — was the second in a series of university stadia as part of Malkoff's collegiate portfolio. The exacting eye of the artist seems to capture in detail row-by-row,... View More


Bull Gator

Artist Stephen Malkoff is proud to present his latest creation, Bull Gator. A bull gator is defined by the Florida Fish Wildlife and Conservation Commission as a gator that is at least 9 feet long. Malkoff's Bull Gator pushes 14 feet but the artists didn’t break out his tape measure to verify hi... View More

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Fear the Tiger - Auburn

Auburn University

War Eagle is the battle cry of Auburn University, not its mascot and not its nickname. It is the Tiger — the largest of the cat species — that represents the spirit of the university's athletic prowess which spans many decades.  Auburn began its collegiate football program in 1892. It was the s... View More

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Got a Second

Minutes count...but, sometimes seconds count even more when football rivals push the clock to the end of time. Nationally recognized artist Stephen Malkoff captures a moment of lasting memory in a classic collegiant rival football battle with his Got a Second.  Not since Punt Bama Punt has a pl... View More

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Jak! Bully XXI

Mississippi State University

Jak is the 21st English Bulldog to serve as the official mascot of Mississippi State University. His formal name is Cristil’s Golden Prince named in honor of the long-time radio voice Jack Cristil. His name is Jak; his title is Bully. Jak, an American Kennel Club registered English Bulldog, was sire... View More

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Noble Tiger

Clemson University

Nationally known pencil artist Stephen Malkoff has added The Noble Tiger of Clemson University to his university icon collection. Stephen has captured the determination and elegance of this big cat. Each print is intricately rendered in painstaking detail which has made the works of Stephen Mal... View More

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