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Stephen Malkoff is a nationally recognized nature artist creating work ranging from arbor still life to collegiate and widlife representation. This site is dedicated to the display and promotion of pasat and future works, while offering viewers familiar with one aspect of his art to experience additional creative work from the artist. For more information on Stephen Malkoff and his work, please read more here.

Featured Prints

The latest prints from Stephen Malkoff


University of Georgia

In the last 100 years of intercollegiate football, Georgia’s Uga has established himself as the Nation’s most well-known mascot. The line of the pure white English bulldogs, which epitomizes everythin... View More

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Walk of a Champion

University of Alabama

The earth-shaking rumble of a herd of elephants was the visual and aural impact of the 1930 Alabama varsity football team. Artist Stephen Malkoff captures that sight and sound in this highly detailed ... View More

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Jak! Bully XXI

Mississippi State University

Jak is the 21st English Bulldog to serve as the official mascot of Mississippi State University. His formal name is Cristil’s Golden Prince named in honor of the long-time radio voice Jack Cristil. Hi... View More

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