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John F. Kennedy Oak

John F. Kennedy Oak

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John F. Kennedy Oak
Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia 
National Historic Tree

Unframed Print Size: 19" x 17½"

In 2000 Stephen Malkoff began his studies in preparation for drawing the John F. Kennedy Post Oak at Arlington National Cemetery. The date coincided with the date in 1963 when President Kennedy was laid to rest.

The John F. Kennedy Post Oak is the first in a series of limited edition prints celebrating the National Register of Famous and Historic trees. The Malkoff Gallery in association with American Forests  planted 100 trees across the United States with proceeds from each print sold.

The Story of the John F. Kennedy Oak

On a spring day in 1963, Caroline Kennedy and her childhood friends visited Arlington National Cemetery.  Later she told her father how beautiful it was looking down on the city and the White House. Having a few minutes to spare, the President directed his driver to take him and brother Robert to the hillside.  Standing beneath a towering post oak tree, John Kennedy is said to have told his brother: “It is so beautiful I could stay here forever.” That passing comment would be remembered. Only a few months later the family had to select a permanent resting place for the slain young president.


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