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Middleton Oak (Artist Proof)

Middleton Oak (Artist Proof)

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Middleton Oak
Charleston, South Carolina

Unframed Print Size: 22" x 14"

 One of the earliest landscaped gardens in the American colonies was designed in 1740 at Middleton Place, a large plantation northwest of Charleston, South Carolina. The tree began growing on the Ashley River's banks centuries a year later when Henry Middleton — who would become president of the First Continental Congress — started a plantation there. The tree eventually became an iconic feature of the 60-acre landscaped garden that has no shortage of iconic views.

Legend has it that the Middleton Oak was originally an Indian “trail tree” tied to the ground as a sapling to mark favorite lands.

The current owners of Middleton Oak have a crypt in the tree’s trunk where their remains are said to be interred in the future. Many South Carolinians recommended the tree to Stephen Malkoff to be added to its portfolio.



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