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Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters

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 Seven Sisters

Mandeville, Louisiana

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One of the most requested trees by Stephen Malkoff collectors is the Seven Sisters Oak in Mandeville, Louisiana. This extraordinary 1,000 year old single oak with seven trunks is the "President" of the Live Oak Society.

Stately and renowned, Seven Sisters is an imposing tree with a girth of 40 feet with its branches spanning more than 130 feet. It sits at the edge of Mandeville, near Lake Pontchartrain. It was once at the center of life of the Acolapissa Indian tribe. Later, Union soldiers camped beneath it.

Why the "seven sisters?" For many years it was thought that the tree was actually seven trees grown closely together. In fact, it is one tree with seven distinct trunks. However, the tree was originally named the Doby 's Seven Sisters . . . for the seven daughters of the Doby family.


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