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Treaty Oak (Artist Proof Edition)

Treaty Oak (Artist Proof Edition)

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Treaty Oak
Jacksonville, Florida

Artist Proof Unframed Print Size: 23¼" x 13½"


One of the most beautiful live oaks in Florida, this graceful tree is the subject of many local legends that claim treaties with Indian tribes were signed under its spreading limbs. Legend or not, the Treaty Oak predates the founding of Jacksonville and is estimated to be more than 250 years old.

The property was acquired by the late Jessie Ball duPont and given to the City of Jacksonville along with additional acreage to be used as a public park.  Today the elegant sprawling tree serves as witness and backdrop to numerous weddings and special events during the year.

The tree has a trunk circumference of 25 feet rising to a height of 70 feet, and tree's crown spreads over 145 feet, with twisting branches that bow to the ground and curl upwards. The oak shades a roughly circular area of about 190 feet.

Treaty Oak is located in the center of downtown Jacksonville near the south bank of the St. Johns River.

The original limited edition print series was one of the fastest selling Malkoff works to date.


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